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2435 W. Congress St.

Lafayette, Louisiana 70506

P. O. Box 62270

Lafayette, Louisiana 70596


PHONE (337) 261-5811

FAX (337) 261-1911

We're more than a store.  We change people's lives.

     And it all begins with your donation.  Once we receive a donation, it gets processed and shipped to a store.  There, it's displayed just like in a department store.  When a shopper finds something they like, they bring it to the register.  That's where the magic happens!!  Once that purchase is made, those dollars go into our service programs, like the Adult Education program that helps people over 17 get their diploma, or the Employment programs that provide work readiness and preparation classes along with job placement services. The income from the stores also allows Goodwill to provide safe, affordable independent housing for the elderly and those with disabilities in our community.  Goodwill does good things with your donations.  We serve those who are in need:  whether its someone who needs to find good buys for low prices, or someone who needs a real hand-up due to past experiences or personal conditions, through our stores and services division, we provide for those in need in Acadiana.  And YOU allow us to do those good works by bringing us the things you no longer want or need.


Goodwill doesn't get federal or state money to run our programs.  They're all funded by the generous donations of Acadiana residents.  So thank you for helping us to help others!


OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW....where better to bring the things you no longer need or want than your local 

Goodwill Industries of Acadiana!

Many people will be bringing new things into their homes to replace things they've outgrown.  BRING THOSE THINGS YOU NO LONGER NEED TO GOODWILL!  We have shoppers who can use them!  Together with your donations, those shopping dollars have allowed us to help more than 4200 people in Acadiana last year! 


Your donations are the lifeblood of our organization.  When you have outgrown an item or no longer want it, we appreciate that you donate it to Goodwill.  Through our retail stores, others are able to purchase those items and provide Goodwill with the funds to provide job assistance, education, housing and other services to those in need right here in your community.  For more information on the services Goodwill provides, call our Job Connection Center at 337-769-7650.


Donate.  Shop.  Create Jobs.  GOODWILL. 


Community Partners
Please patronize these businesses who believe in our mission, support us and employ our clients.  Thank you.