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2435 W. Congress St.

Lafayette, Louisiana 70506

P. O. Box 62270

Lafayette, Louisiana 70596


PHONE (337) 261-5811

FAX (337) 261-1911



Q. Am I eligible for Goodwill's services?

A. Goodwill assists people who find themselves unable to get and keep a job because of physical, mental or emotional disabilities, and/or language, economic or educational barriers. Goodwill steps in when other avenues to successful employment fail - and the results are remarkable! Since 1990, over 40,000 people have been served and placements made in more than 300 community businesses. Not only do Goodwill graduates FIND jobs . . . they KEEP jobs. We're serious about work!


Q. Does Goodwill provide job training?

A. Goodwill provides training in how to get and keep a job. Goodwill provides vocational evaluation, work adjustment training, work simulation programs, simulation programs, personal and social adjustment counseling, job club and on-site training. Instructors monitor attendance, communication skills, production goals, and many other behaviors that are important to employers. Job related deficiencies are corrected and the trainee is moved into "placement status" (ready for competitive employment). Goodwill Job Coaches work hand in hand with trainees and employers to ensure success for everyone.


Q. How may I contribute to Goodwill?

A. The best way to contribute is to donate or shop at your local Goodwill Retail Store. Goodwill accepts as donations almost any item that is in gently used condition. Join the thousands of Acadiana residents who have found bargains "too good to be true" by shopping at Goodwill!


Q. How are Goodwill Stores different from other thrift stores?

A. Not only are Goodwill stores well organized, with clothing sorted by color and priced by category, but they are linked to a great cause. More than 83 cents of every dollar you spend at Goodwill goes directly into employment and training programs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment! Moreover, our stores offer fitting rooms (unlike some thrift stores) making it easy to buy quality garments that fit just right.


Q. How is Goodwill different from other nonprofit organizations?

A. Goodwill offers a hand up, not a hand out. We help people help themselves so that they can live more fulfilling lives of independence and accomplishment. In many ways we help people with employment barriers to develop skills and fill jobs in their communities. Goodwill strives to make a difference in the communities that need us most. As a result, our presence has spread internationally. We have members all over the world.


Q. Who does Goodwill help?

A. Goodwill serves anyone with a barrier to employment. This includes individuals with disabilities, people with limited work history, those who have experienced corporate downsizing and individuals who are recipients of government support programs. Goodwill's services are designed to meet the training and placement needs of the individual within the community in which he/she lives.


Q. It seems like Goodwill services vary in different geographic locations. Why is this?

A. Each of the 207 members of Goodwill Industries International operate autonomously. Goodwill organizations strive to identify the need of the community and the demand of the local industry for employment. Based on the needs of your community, Goodwill Industries of Acadiana designs programs and services that will give Goodwill graduates the skills they will need to find work in Acadiana.