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2435 W. Congress St.

Lafayette, Louisiana 70506

P. O. Box 62270

Lafayette, Louisiana 70596


PHONE (337) 261-5811

FAX (337) 261-1911



Goodwill seeks out community needs and finds a way to meet them. Sometimes this is done solely within our organization. Other times, we see that it is best to work with other community agencies whose goals and missions are similar to ours.


LARC: One such partnership is THE BEAD STORE-N-MORE, a joint venture with LARC. In early spring of 2007, Goodwill began donating collected Mardi Gras beads to LARC. Through this joint project, Goodwill retail and donation centers accept Mardi Gras beads from donors and pass them on to LARC, where their clients clean, sort and re-group the beads for future sales to the public.

This partnership promotes our mission of providing jobs and opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. This project gives LARC's clients the opportunity to perform a real and necessary job and receive payment for their work. You should see the SMILES that result! There is nothing like the pride that comes with knowing you have done a good job and earned a paycheck!


Bead donations are accepted year round and can be dropped off at any Goodwill location, the BEADS-N-MORE store, or at LARC at 303 Hope Rd. in Lafayette. Beads are also available for sale year round.